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has the velcro to help wrap the cord up swivel soft touch rubber packaging so it's nice and easy to grip it's not going to slip out of your hand very clumsy I need that and then five barrels you have one and a quarter inch then there's a 1 inch 3/4 of an inch then you have 2 tapered barrels which are going to give you a curl that starts a little bit looser and gets tired toward the end and of the tapered barrels you have one that goes from one to three quarter inches and then this one which goes from three quarters of an inch down to about a third of an inch and then all of them have a little stand which is great that way you're not gonna bring your counter top and a cool tip at the end which is good because that's where I accidentally burned myself on curling iron is good for safety but also for your countertop as well that 

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