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about us?

ITC WILCHES is a Colombian company with more than 20 years of experience. Produce and market floral covers, fruit and vegetable packaging, made of BOPP, CPP, MOPP, PET, OXODEGRADABLE and BIODEGRADABLE, manufactured according to the client’s measurements and requirements.

We are located in the Savannah of Bogotá. We are leading the commercialization of flexible packaging for perishable and non-perishable products. We are an innovative company. Not only we are growing with our staff and their families but also, we are improving our organizational environment, with a clear positioning with the present and future customers.


ITC Wilches SAS is a Colombian company, founded by Mrs. Carmenza Wilches in 1996, and began as a family business. At the beginning there was no technological support for production and management. Daily cost and production control was brought to an information system that allowed flexible and fast delivery. Over time it became the development center of our company. In 2002 our company joined the Expopyme group, supported by Proexport and the University of Los Andes. This brought us an export plan and allowed us to achieve exports to target markets for the first time.

For the first time in 2004, our company’s processes were certified with high quality standards. In 2007, the Family Protocol was implemented to ensure long-term sustainability. Supported by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

In 2010 our company changed its production plant to the Sabana de Bogotá. Now we work in an area of ​​1,200 square meters, which allows us to be closer to the farmers of Flores.

Since 2012 we started to participate in international fairs, focusing on making an international brand of the company ITC Wilches.

In 2014, ITC Wilches performed the export plan with support by Pro-Colombia, opening new markets like El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, United States, Chile and Mexico.

In 2015 we continue with our expansion in the international market, with ITC branded packing ITC Wilches, appearing in international magazine Florist’s Review.

In 2016 we created a distributor in the United States called “ImagiPack”. Since that year people can find us here easily.

Mission y Vision

Mision: Production and commercialization of flexible packaging for perishable products and non perishable, specializing in flowers, fruits and plants, to fulfill the client’s specifications. Create product value with high quality design standards

Vision: Become a leading national company with international recognition, especially in Argentina, Mexico, United States, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, EU and in the European Economic Community increase the exportations rates in ( 40% to 50%) of the total sales and at the same time increase in a 30% the new lines of production.